Pet Paw Stairs


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Suede Pet Stairs are perfect for dogs or cats suffering from joint problems, aging issues, hip dysplasia or other special needs. Pet Paw Stairs will enable your dog or cat to navigate onto furniture, window sills or beds with ease and you won't have to be picking them up all the time. 

1. Padded pet stairs: Give your pet independence to access couches, ledges & hard to reach spaces.
2. Perfect for older ailing pets: Ideal for older pets suffering from arthritis, pain, hip dysplasia.
3. Machine washable cover: Soft waterproof cover is machine washable and gentle on your pet.
4. Perfect for small breeds who have trouble or are timid to access couches and chairs. 
Inner core of the stairs: High Dense Sponge
=Cleaning: there is a zipper at the back of staircase that's easy to unzip and wash.
Size: 38*40*30cm