Pet Cooling Vest


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The surface layer is a heat-proof two-color net, which is good in ventilation and can reduce heat from the outside;
2. Filled with plain cotton, storing moisture through the principle of evaporation and heat absorption, providing a constant source of coolness;
3. Close to the pet part is a cool fabric that resists heat and keeps cool. The cool fabric adjusts the temperature by absorbing heat. The cooling factor brings a cool comfort to the pet. (The fabric does not contain chemicals, polymer materials, glues, crystals or phase change materials. The fibers used are safe and non-irritating fibers. This fabric is light, breathable and comfortable to wear compared to ordinary moisture-proof fabrics.)
4. Reflective strip design on the shoulders and back, it is safer to walk the dog in rainy weather and dark nights
. How to use 
Wet the vest with water
Wring out by hand e
Place in freezer for 10-15 mins
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