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Funny Dog Car Rear Window Wiper Decal

  • $ 15.00


NEW HOT ITEM FOR AUTOMOBILES.:  Do you love dogs? Then you have to get this for your car. It's going to look great on and it's super easy to install

It can fit on any car /truck with rear wiper blades and it doesn't cause any distraction. It comes with everything that you need, the dog, the paws, bones and the tail.

1 dog rear wiper decal, including the dog, tail, paw prints and doggie bones for your car's rear wipwip

Height: 30.5cm
Width: 22cm
Paws: 6.5x5.5cm
Tail: 25.5x1.5cm

Installation is quick & easy.

Tools Needed to Install:
-scraper (credit card works!)

Instructions for Installing:
1) Clean the area and dry it.

2) Tear open the transfer film

3) Position the sticker where you want it

4) Using scraper or credit card, press to remove air bubbles

5) Tear open the outer layer transfer film.

6) Repeat with the tail & enjoy!

Price includes the shipping.

 Please Allow 2-4  Weeks for Delivery