Pet Ball Launcher


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The Pet Launcher is an automatic throwing machine for dogs or cats. The launcher function makes the independent game easy and interesting. You just need to connect the power supply, select the launching distance and put the mini baseball into the hole. This toy will stimulate your pet to play even when you are not available for him.  no more boredom and it also dispenses treats, let the fun begin!

Material:ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

1. Treat dispenser and ball launcher what a great combination for your pet.

2. Interactive toy gives hours of fun even when your not home. 

3  Launching distance is adjustable: spherical launcher can launch balls for 3m/6m and 9m distance, which can be easily replaced by just pressing the button.
4 This launching toy has three elastic tennis balls, and pets can enjoy endless fun.
5 It is durable and lightweight and easy to clean and store away when you want.


 The launcher function makes the independent game easy and interesting. You just need to connect the power supply, select the launching distance and put the mini baseball into it.
Interactive toy: even if the owner is not at home, it can play the pet's favorite game.
Launching distance is adjustable: spherical launcher can launch balls for 3m/6m and 9m distance, which can be easily replaced by just pressing the button.
This launching toy has three elastic tennis balls, and pets can enjoy endless fun.



Demonstration Video Below

Package Includes:
1X launcher
1X instruction
3X mini tennis ball (5cm/1.97in in diameter)

1X power supply